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About the System
The Corrective Action Program (CAP) System is a web-based tool that enables officials at the Federal, State, and local levels to develop, prioritize, track, and analyze corrective actions, or individual steps towards improvement, based on after-action findings following exercises or real-world events. The primary goal of the System is to help responders, emergency management professionals, and homeland security officials resolve preparedness gaps or deficiencies, and ultimately improve the nation's overall level of preparedness.

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) at the Department of Homeland Security developed the CAP System as part of the HSEEP Toolkit, an interactive, on-line system for exercise scheduling, design, development, conduct, evaluation and improvement planning. The CAP System ensures that findings - including specific recommendations to solve identified problems, lessons learned, and best practices - translate into meaningful contributions to homeland security plans across the nation. In addition to the CAP System, the HSEEP Toolkit includes the National Exercise Schedule (NEXS) System and the Design and Development System (DDS).
System Features
The CAP System provides users with the following capabilities:
  • Improvement Plan Creation and Maintenance

  • The CAP System serves as an Improvement Plan information repository, allowing users to input their Improvement Plan recommendations and corrective actions, or individual steps towards improvement, into one centralized, organized location.

  • Corrective Action Assignment and Tracking

  • The CAP System allows users to assign specific Improvement Plan corrective actions to organizations and action officers. Exercise managers and action officers can track the progress of corrective actions from their initial assignment phase to implementation.

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Beyond the simple assignment and tracking capability, the CAP System offers users a suite of analytic tools, which can be used to generate reports and graphs on Improvement Plan data. Users may create reports to track a variety of data, such as the exercise history for their jurisdiction or the percentage of completed corrective actions for a specific time period and geographic area within their jurisdiction.